A little bit about us


Good Things Brewing is the dream project of two families. Old friends who, over a few pints, decided it was about time they pooled their efforts to do some good in the beer industry. Not without having some fun along the way, of course. Here’s a little bit about us...


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The Drummonds bring their backgrounds in engineering and distribution, as well as extensive brewing-industry knowledge to the table. Commercial engineer, Chris, has a passion for pairing traditional mechanics with technology to create more sustainable solutions. Kat, along with her brother, heads up a four-generation manufacturing business in the bar and catering industry; one of the very few companies pushing UK manufacturing in their field.



The Robinsons bring the creative and wider business circle together with their successful studio and creative workspace, Paper Mill Studios in London. Sarah, with her background in styling and design, works at the forefront of the food industry. Sam comes from advertising and media, and is now a photographer, director, creative director, and head of a few creative companies. Paper Mill Studios is the home of Good Things Brewing as well as several other London-based creative businesses.


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That’s us in a nutshell. But we wouldn’t be getting anywhere fast without this bunch of amazing people.  


On the beer side, there’s Jenn Merrick who’s been an enormous support and source of knowledge. Jenn is a world-renowned brewer and the woman behind London’s Beavertown Brewery. She has more than 20 years experience in running and growing brewing businesses, and is now the founder of community-based, social startup, Earth Station Brewery. She won Brewer of the Year 2015 (British Guild of Beer Writers) and Brewer of the Year and Supreme Champion Brewer 2015 (International Beer Challenge), which is a pretty clear testament to how great she is.  



Russ Wheildon is our brewer. A man on a mission to make a name for himself, he’s spent years tinkering and tweaking his skills as a keen home-brewer.


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 Ian & Sarah of Horse Studio

Ian & Sarah of Horse Studio

 Malou Herkes

Malou Herkes

 Chris Chadbon

Chris Chadbon

Behind our brand is the wonderful Horse studio, who are part of the Paper Mill extended family. We reckon they’re the best design team we could hope to work with. Ian Firth and Sarah Pidgeon have brought the brand to life with the help of wonderful wordsmith, Malou Herkes, who manages to turn our ramblings into something at least a little more coherent. Our print specialist, Chris Chadbon, helps us spread the Good Things message by printing on paper that would otherwise be destined for landfill, using ecological inks and methods. 


Our spent brewer’s flour wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of Drummond Heating. A small, family company where Chris honed his engineering and business skills as Managing Director, and who will be bringing Chris’ grain dehydrator to life.




And finally, the brewery itself, which is being built on Kat’s family farm. Once used to grow hops and house a thriving cattle-farming business and dairy, the old farm is now getting a new lease of life. Thanks, Gail, for the support in giving our Good Things Brewery a home.