We brew unrefined, unfiltered, unpasteurised, clean-water beer. 

That means no chemicals, no animal-based finings, nothing but good, honest ingredients. 

Here's a little bit about each of our beers...



Floral and tropical, our Pale Ale is made with a good dosage of hops on both the hot and cold side of the brew. Easy drinking guaranteed. 



Well-balanced, with a caramel malt base and delicious stone fruit aromas, our India Pale Ale is packed with the good stuff.



You might not believe it, but good lager is one of the most difficult beers to make properly. 

Brewed without the heavy use of chemicals so common today,
lager needs some serious TLC, but our brew is everything a good
lager should be. Even though it takes longer to make (six weeks in comparison to our three week East Coast IPA!), our lager will be
brewed on a much larger scale to make it worthwhile. It's the
most popular beer out there, after all.  

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 09.21.11.png

Want beer that doesn't
cost the earth? 

Let's work together.



Take one of our signature beers
and put your own branding on
the can. Whether it's a one-off
event or a permanent line,
we can design it to showcase
our shared values with the
same great beer inside. 


Go all in and brew your own
unique beer, crafted with the
planet in mind. We'll help you
create your own brew exactly
the way you like it, and designed
with your branding on the label. 


Whether you need advice to make
your beer more sustainable or you
have expertise we could learn
from, we'd love to collaborate
on the journey to brewing beer
better. Drop us a line.

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