Perhaps complete honesty is not the advised PR for a brewery, but for me it’s  crucial to talk about what has gone before, for my sanity if nothing else. It has been a whirlwind of a journey over the past 50 months but It is an incredible feeling to be writing these words, that we have built the very thing we set out to build...


A Brewery that causes no unnecessary harm, a self sufficient, planet high five’n craft beer producing wonderful beast.

That incredible feeling as it turns out did not come from the achievement of building a brewery,  it came from getting through the journey of bringing this brewery to life ….. & somehow, still breathing.


Personally this journey has been over 4 years long, starting from a feeling of being uncomfortable in my own skin on the career path I had chosen, stress taking over my decision making & on an alarming downwards spiral of mental & physical health. Prior to Good Things I started up a craft beer club called Crafted Crate, whilst still being the MD of my family engineering company.

On a mission for this beer club to somehow help me to realign my career path to one that fulfilled my needs. This beer club showed me how incredible the craft beer industry is, its ethos, ethics and everyone within it. We would travel up and down the country visiting our favourite breweries, learning, being in awe of and eventually wanting to make this world happen for ourselves.


Turns out, blaming the industry I was previously in for being the only reason for my downwards spiral was not 100% accurate. This past two years have taught me that getting something off the ground with such high capital outlay and so much competition is really difficult. Add a little turbulence along the way, our family home on the line to help fund the build, some internal nutter in my head wanting to make the whole thing sustainable & you then have yourself one hell of a ride.


I would not however change a single decision that I made, every mistake was followed by steep learning, it meant we were closer to getting the Good Things Brewery off the ground. I told my story to as many people as I possibly could and eventually we reached the end of the first big goal we set.


I am writing this more in the context of reaching out to help anyone fulfil their own mission more than a story of what you may find at our brewery or what to expect from our beer, as it was because of who I surrounded myself with & who reached out to me that made all this happen.


50 months, many tears, many cheers, a lot of partying, meeting the most incredible humans & we now get to be Our Brewery.

Here’s to the next chapter.


Thank you all.


Chris // Founder of GTB Co