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We are a closed loop, fully sustainable brewery based in the South East. We bore our own water, create our own power and turn our spent brewers grain in to flour which is used all over from pizza restaurants to bakeries.


Making the beer we love, better for the world we love

We bore our own water from 63 metres below the brewery. Being on one of the highest points of the East Sussex / Kent border we wanted to make sure that we extracted not only enough water for us but also for our neighbours. This is the first part in the process of being self sustained.


We then power our brewery with a 50kw array of photovoltaic solar panels. This in turn means that we create more power per annum than we use on site. We power everything from the brewery to the cold store, the office to electric vehicle charge points.


The next step is to then turn all our spent grain from the brewing process in to flour. We dehydrate our by-product of the brewing process in to a product that has longer shelf-life, less impact to transport and way more versatile than its former self. All de-watered, dried and stone ground on site.





We use a one way keg system to reduce one of the largest impacts in the beer industry, getting beer from A to B. We also use can's instead of bottles due to being lighter to transport and because aluminium is in around 95 % circulation, very little new aluminium is produced.




We then deliver our direct to trade beer via our electric van which is charged at the brewery from our on site solar panels.



We are currently building our on-site reed-bed where all of our effluents will be treated on site.

Cleaned throughly from start to finish until the water is ready to be delivered, 100% clean and back to the water bed it came from.